The Hidden Science of Black Love

What is Black Love? Does this differ from any other type of love? And how would you know when you’ve found it? How would you feel? What about self-love? How important is it to love the person in the mirror? What effect is social media having on our ability to love ourselves?
The “Clark Doll Experiment” (1947) has repeatedly shown that the negative black stereotypes in mainstream media have a psychologically damaging effect on children as young as five years old. If the experiment was done today would we see the same results? What long-term effects would this have on a child as they grow into an adult? Would they grow to love themselves or hate themselves? This event will explore all the above and more.
Topics that will be discussed include:
  • Black Dating and Relationships
  • How Black Love is Portrayed in Media
  • The Importance of Self-Love
  • The Importance of Group Economics (African Market on-site)
  • The Love Frequency in Music
  • Negative Effects of Social Media
  • How Self-Hate is taught to children

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