Kwanzaa Kids

Manhood Academy come to BIRMINGHAM:

Kwannzaa Kids:
A whole day of activities at The Legacy Centre for Excellence, Birmingham

Fun, Self Development for kids & Culture Manhood Academy Style


🌍 What is Kwanzaa? – 101:

🔴KWANZAA isn’t a religious festival. It’s a secular holiday. That celebrates African heritage and life.

🔴KWANZAA is family choice.

🔴KWANZAA is a celebration of African cultural heritage & traditional values, lost to many African Diasporans.

🔴KWANZAA is not a religious holiday, nor is it meant to replace Christmas.

🔴One may be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or any denomination, and still celebrate Kwanzaa alongside their seasonal festivities

🔴KWANZAA is observed yearly from Dec 26 to Jan 1.

KWANZAA 101👇🏿:

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